Forty percent of Muslims say they have a college degree or more, compared to the 29 percent of Americans overall. Muslim women in America… are statistically likely as Muslim men to hold college or postgraduate degrees. Muslim women also report monthly household incomes more or nearly equal to men’s, compared to women and men in other faith groups.

Dr. John Esposito, The Future of Islam

Because we’re oppressed, right?

Because we’re married young and just have babies, right?

Because we’re subjected to a patriarchal faith, right?

Because we’re uneducated, right?


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i’ve been shopping for years and i still have nothing to wear. 

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my favorite part of the day is when i get to go to bed

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Do not allow people to mispronounce your name.

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Sunshine all the time makes a desert

Arab proverb

These simple words are so profound & thought provoking.

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Allāh knows every single tear you’ve shed for those you love. He knows the amount of times your heart sank out of sadness and grief & undoubtably He heard every single ‘Ya Allah’ that escaped your quivering lips. Never for a moment lose hope in Him, cry to Him for as long as you need, for He is the only one who can turn your tears of sadness into ones of absolute bliss.

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